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X-COM creator’s Phoenix Point gets new trailer ahead of launch

Indie studio Snapshot Games has released a new development update one week before their strategy-action title Phoenix Point releases. The tactical-combat game is created by the original designer who created the popular X-COM franchise and follows the footsteps with similar gameplay and setting. Watch the new trailer here!

Julian Gollop swept through the gaming industry in the mid-90s with X-COM: Ufo Defense. The unique blend of strategy, tactics, brutal combat in a high-stakes setting of an alien invasion cemented the game as one of the most important PC games of the decade and spawned a long-lasting franchise. At the beginning of the decade, the series was rebooted and immediately achieved huge success. Fighting of alien invaders as the underdog human must have an inherent appeal.
The world is under siege from a mutant alien menace. Civilization has retreated to scattered havens around the globe. Divided into rival factions, the remainder of humanity scrambles to hold out against an overwhelming threat. The Phoenix Project, dormant for years, springs back to life, uniting the best and brightest from around the world in a single goal: to give mankind a final chance to rise from the ashes.

The creator of the series stopped working on the franchise after the second title in 1997 however. Gollop remained in the shadows for many years, even spending several years at UbiSoft. In 2013, he started his new studio with Snapshot Games and released the fantasy-RPG Chaos Reborn. But the real bombshell hit in 2016 when he teased a darker tactical-strategy game which would go on to become Phoenix Point. With X-COM under his belt, fans of the genre and franchise were eager to fund the game’s development on Fig.
If you’re a subscriber of the Microsoft Game Pass on PC, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Phoenix Point will be available Day 1 on the great service when it launches on December 3rd for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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