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Watch 10 minutes of Terminator: Resistance gameplay

Reef Entertainment has published a long new gameplay video of their upcoming Terminator first-person shooter Terminator: Resistance. The game will come out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 15th in Europe and December 3rd in North America. Check it out!

When Reef Entertainment unveiled their newest project last month, gamers weren’t really that excited. And that’s despite it being the first FPS in the Terminator universe in almost two decades. The sad truth here is, that the Terminator franchise never really translated well into the gaming medium. At least not since 3D graphics became a thing.
Terminator: Resistance introduces a new hero, Jacob Rivers, a soldier in the Resistance Pacific Division. Despite the fact that Jacob is just a private, he’ll soon discover that he’s been targeted by the latest threat from SKYNET and marked for termination! SKYNET may be destined to lose this war, but at what cost to Jacob? Experience the events leading up to the decisive final battle, smash SKYNET’s Defence Grid and help decide the fate of mankind in the war against the machines!

Terminator: Resistance will hopefully be the title that breaks this unfortunate trend, but given what we have seen so far, you shouldn’t hold your breath. Not only does the game look like a low-budget project to coincide with the new Terminator: Dark Fate movie, but developer Teyon is mostly known for the infamous Rambo video game from 2014. It became the laughingstock among gamers for its unintentional hilarity.
We still hope that Teyon has learned from their past mistakes and manages to deliver a fun action-filled adventure in the Terminator universe. And even if it becomes yet another licensed IP dud, it shall at least be a fun playthrough with friends.

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