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The Story Goes On with Shenmue III Launch Trailer

Deep Silver has published the launch trailer for Shenmue III. The iconic action-adventure series that started way back on the Sega Dreamcast is finally ready to continue on November 19. Watch the launch trailer here!

The mere existence of a third Shenmue goes to show how effective a dedicated and passionate fan base can be. For almost two decades fans of the series have been begging for the conclusion for Ryo Hazuki’s epic adventure of solving the murder of his father. The first Shenmue released for the Sega Dreamcast even before the new millennium in 1999, with the sequel coming to the original Xbox and Dreamcast two years later. With the story hanging in limbo, a Shenmue sequel has been a wish among gamers for a long while.

Finally, the fan-request was granted in 2015 during Sony’s E3 press conference. Sort of. The legendary game designer Yu Suzuki actually announced the Kickstarter campaign for it. Still, the campaign became instantly funded and development began on Shenmue III. Four years later, and we’re at the cusp of the game’s release. A long wait but when you waited for more than a decade, it gets easier I guess.
It’s not like there was not enough Shenmue during this period. The original publisher of the first two Shenmue titles released a remaster package of both titles last year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a great way to come to speed with the game’s story. It’s kind of weird that despite getting the remasters, Shenmue III is as of now not coming to the Xbox One. We suspect a belated port will come sometime in the future.
Shenmue III will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC next week, November 19. On PC, the game will be available exclusively through the Epic Games Store.

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