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The Rise of Skywalker enters Star Wars Battlefront 2 in new trailer

EA has released a new trailer for an exciting new content update to Star Wars Battlefront 2. Coinciding with the highly-anticipated conclusion of the new Star Wars movie trilogy, a new planet, new hero appearances, new characters, enhanced co-op and much more is coming tomorrow to Battlefront 2. Check out the trailer below!

Electronic Arts had a rough beginning after they formed a partnership with Disney to create unique experiences of massively popular Star Wars franchise into video game form. The publisher’s two attempts at rejuvenating the Battlefront franchise didn’t really turn out too hot and fans had somewhat lost trust that EA would ever deliver on their hopes.

But EA did the good thing and continued to improve Battlefront 2 over the years with numerous updates. New content and improved game design led to the once-belittled loot box mess turn into a formidable Star Wars action game. The latest of such great efforts is The Rise of Skywalker content update. Like one might guess, it’s meant to bring even more Star Wars goodness together with the new movie of the same name.
It’s an exciting time to be a STAR WARS™ fan, and it doesn’t get much better than this week. Not only do we have a new film and the conclusion to the epic Skywalker saga fast approaching, but we also have a brand-new update for Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II.
With the update, Battlefront 2 is receiving an entirely new jungle planet to play in. This planet is also present in the new movie, so there’s double the reason to be excited. The awesome co-op portion of the game is also getting enhanced by the introduction of four maps, including the new one. New hero appearances and four new reinforcements are the icings on the update cake. You can read more about the update in detail in the development blog post.
The Rise of Skywalker content update is planned to go live tomorrow, December 17th in Star Wars Battlefront 2 across all systems.

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