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The Division 2 returns to its roots with Warlords of New York

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have unveiled the next big chapter in their popular action-shooter The Division 2. Warlords of New York is the upcoming large expansion that will take players to the Big Apple once again. Players can look forward to March 3rd when the expansion is set to come out across platforms. Subscribers of Uplay+ will get access to Warlords of New York. Here’s one of the many trailers Ubisoft has released!

When The Division 2 launched early last year, the landscape for GAAS titles looked pretty dire. Both Electronic Arts and Bethesda fumbled with their own respective attempts (Anthem and Fallout 76), Ubisoft once again showed the world how to do it right. The sequel to 2016’s first Division improved on pretty much all aspects of the formula. Developer Massive Entertainment learned a lot from their experiences of that game, and it shows.

Warlords of New York’s Lower Manhattan contains four new named zones to explore: the Financial District, Two Bridges, Battery Park, and Civic Center. These areas make up a massive former Dark Zone that encompasses places like Wall Street and Chinatown, all recently smashed by a summer hurricane into a treacherous, twisted landscape. The new zones are open only to Agents who’ve reached Level 30 and World Tier 5, but if you’re not there yet and want to jump straight to the new content, Warlords of New York lets players jump straight to Level 30, which players who pre-purchase the expansion can do immediately.

With Warlords of New York, gamers will return to where it all began. New York. The original setting of the first game. But the expansion is promising to be much more than just a rehash, with a new campaign, open-world activities and several side missions. It’s arguably the biggest new content for The Division 2 and a no-brainer for fans.

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