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Starbase details new features in jaw-dropping trailer

Frozenbyte’s highly-ambitious space-sandbox title Starbase just got a new trailer that shows the many gameplay mechanics and opportunities. The major new feature is the unveiling that players can build their own colonies and even cities on moons and planets. Check out the trailer here!

The term sandbox and crafting have been watered down heavily since the insane popularity of Minecraft took over the world over a decade ago. These days, even AAA games like Fallout 4 offer their own crafting and survival systems. As great as this creative trend is, the indie scene has delivered the most in-depth experiences. Games like Space Engineers solely focus on the crafting aspect after all.

While it hasn’t even yet come out, the developers have been sharing new details about their upcoming game steadily. Today’s new trailer gives a great overlook at the many different gameplay systems of Starbase. As expected, you can build all kinds of structures, spaceships and weapons, but you’re not bound to the vast emptiness of space to get your creative juices flowing. By being able to use the many planets and moons of the large game world, players will be able to create huge city-like colonies, which can be inhabited by the hopefully large player base.
Set in a universe of vast scale and detail, the fully-destructible environment and hybrid voxel/vertex-based game mechanics enable simulations in the game at immense depth; minor collisions may break a few outer plates from your spaceship, while fast-speed crashes can rip the ship apart. Thruster propellant pipe leaks may cause spaceships to stall, but the corrosive, leaking propellant might also melt the superstructure of the ship and cause a catastrophic failure. Damaged ship controls in a spaceship do not necessarily mean the journey is over, as manual values for the flight can be applied directly to the generator and thrusters from the engine room.
As a multiplayer-sandbox title, Starbase will rely on the community to populate and create unique gameplay experiences. The tools are there. In-depth crafting, destructible environments, space flight and first-person shooting. Starbase is gunning for the stars. Pun intended.
Starbase is set to come out sometime this year for PC.

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