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Rumor: Mario Kart 8 coming to Nintendo Switch with new content and Battle Mode fix

According to notable Nintendo rumor leaker Emly Rogers, Mario Kart 8 (possibly retitled) is coming to the Nintendo Switch “within 3 months” of the console's release. Continuing the trend of enhanced ports, the game will come packaged with all of the DLC released until now, plus new content such as more characters and tracks to choose from. Keen eyed fans were quick to point out the Mario Kart footage during the Switch reveal featured a new character in the form of King Boo.
Also among the rumored improvements was a revamped Battle Mode. The only objective flaw in the entirety of Mario Kart 8 was the terrible Battle Mode that just strapped some balloons to players and turned them loose on a normal track. It was miserable. Hopefully this rumor is true, because Mario Kart 8 and its fans deserve a proper battle mode.

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