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PUBG Season 6 hits hard with new dynamically changing map

Battle Royale sensation PUBG is kicking off its sixth season and brings with itself intense new content. The biggest highlight is the new map Karakin where the Black Zone can destroy entire buildings and reshape the map throughout a match. Watch the trailer here!

Season 6 starts January 22nd on PC and January 30th on consoles. PC gamers can already give the new content a test drive by opting in the test servers. Once the season kicks off officially, players will have 12 weeks to complete all new challenges and earn the new loot.

A look at the new map Karakin

Together with the new season, an interesting new map is also being introduced into PUBG with Karakin. It’s not the largest map available but its 2x2km of play area offers the perfect setup for intense and personal 64 battles. With its North African setting, finding cover will be even more difficult, so get ready for frantic action.
Apart from being an entirely new area to duke it out, Karakin also brings the Black Zone with it. It’s a dynamic event that can alter the map by destroying buildings altogether. But wait, there’s even more new destruction. New Sticky Bombs will let players destroy certain Breach Points, opening up new ways and changing the map layout even further.
Last but not least, the inclusion of a Motor Glider expands an additional means of traversal on the battlefield. It’s only available on the Erangel and Miramar maps, however. You’ll have to find fuel first before trying to take to the skies though.

Together with the new season, a new season pass is also incoming. Survivor Pass: Shakedown is adding a wealth of new challenges, missions, and weapons that you’ll be able to unlock. You can read up about all the details in the developer blog post here.

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