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Payday 2 resumes development with Silk Road and Border Crossing Heist

The multiplayer crime-shooter Payday 2 has risen from its grave with a massive new update called Silk Road. Besides new cosmetics, weapon mods and general improvements, there are also two brand-new heists with the Border Crossing DLC. Watch the action-packed trailer for this new heist here!

Payday 2 experienced serious trouble when its publisher Starbreeze went to the brink of bankruptcy last year. During that period, development halted on the wildly popular multiplayer heist simulator and many expected it to be the end for the game and the franchise altogether. Almost a year later, fans of the game are now greeted with a wave of new updates and content.
The Heist – “Border Crossing”
While the Payday Gang is preparing to hit Hell’s Island, they find out that their old enemies Murkywater and the Dentist are in the process of moving large amounts of money and illicit merchandise from the US to Mexico, using a secret tunnel across the border. The gang decides to divide their forces as they formulate a plan to strike at this border operation. Border Crossing is playable in both stealth and loud mode and also allows players to customize their tactics further through pre-planning options. The action takes place in two separate locations, on both sides of the US/Mexico border.
Cartel Optics Mod Pack
The Mexican crime cartels are well connected and have access to the very best weapons technology that money can buy. As the Payday Gang travels to Mexico, they have an opportunity to pick up a range of advanced sights and other mods. The Cartel Optics Mod Pack DLC includes 10 new weapon mods, with a focus on optics and sights.
Outfit System
With the Payday 2: Silk Road free update, a new outfits system is introduced in Payday 2, allowing you to equip your heisters with cool new threads. Several unlockable outfits are included for free with the update. Payday 2 is also getting its first Tailor Pack to celebrate the new outfits system in the game. Tailor Pack 1 adds 4 new thematic suits with 5 color variations for each one – for a total of 20 new outfits!
Titled Silk Road, Payday 2 has received a new update in form of game improvements, cosmetics, weapon mods (both free and paid) and two new heists, Border Crossing & Border Crystal. These two heists are the crown jewel of the new update and can be had in a bundle for $6.99. Just as the name implies, they take place on the border between the USA and Mexico, a hotspot where cartels are smuggling weapons and drugs. For the full update log check out the developer post on Steam.
Payday 2 is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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