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Overwatch 2 will feature all-new Co-Op Missions, Modes and Heroes

BlizzCon 2019 had some real major game announcements on offer. Besides the return of the iconic Diablo IV, Blizzard has also unveiled the sequel to their massively popular hero shooter with Overwatch 2 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There is no release date for it but OW2 will feature various new game modes with campaign-like co-op missions alongside a new hero character. Check out the sweet cinematic announcement trailer!

With Overwatch 2, Blizzard is trying to redefine what a sequel is in the age of long-term supported service games. With the original Overwatch still being widely enjoyed by gamers, making a sequel can come as a weird decision. Especially, since OW2 is seemingly so similar to the first one. But Blizzard is indeed promising to create unique and fresh experiences while still keeping the same satisfying gameplay that made the competitive shooter so successful in the first place.
The major new additions to Overwatch 2 are Story and Hero Missions. Just like the name implies, Story Missions will offer a narrative campaign for players to enjoy in co-op, while Hero Missions will serve as means to level up your heroes in yet again co-op. These two new game modes will no doubt entice many gamers who weren’t interested in PvP.

An interesting detail is the option for Overwatch 1 players to play together with Overwatch 2 players in Pvp, while also getting access to all new heroes and maps. Existing owners can also rest assured that all their cosmetics and accomplishments can be carried over into Overwatch 2.
Since the story is going to play a bigger role than ever, Blizzard also released a trailer that recaps the events so far. Watch it here.

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