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New Nioh 2 Story Trailer and Post-Launch DLC plans unveiled

Sony and Team Ninja have released a brand-new story trailer for their upcoming action-adventure title Nioh 2. The lovingly dubbed “Samurai Souls” sequel is due out this March 13th exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Check out the trailer below!

Developer Ninja Theory landed a formidable competitor to From Software’s cult Souls series with 2017’s Nioh. The blend of feudal Japan, mythical demons and brutal combat proved a killer combo. Now, three years after the original, we’re at the cusp of its sequel Nioh 2. Just like the first game, it’s also coming out exclusively on the PlayStation 4 but chances are, a PC port will come six months down the line. Just as the first game.
It is the Warring States period in Japan. The year is 1555. Never-ending warfare has transformed the nation into a land of chaos infested by demonic yokai, evil spirits who feed upon their victims.
It is in this setting of relentless mayhem that we meet our protagonist, a rogue mercenary hunting down yokai in the Mino Province. This demon hunter hides a terrible secret: they are a half-breed, the orphan offspring of both human and yokai blood. Unable to find a place amongst mankind, our demon hunter journeys alone.
Calamity strikes one day as our protagonist loses control of their own yokai power while battling against a ferocious fiend. However, the dire situation is remedied by a wandering merchant by the name of Toukichiro who sells strange “Spirit Stones”; magic—imbued artifacts that can help the wielder communicate with yokai spirits. Our demon hunter regains control of their demonic persona.
Creative Director Tom Lee from Ninja Theory has today shared a new trailer and also talked about their game’s planned post-launch support. Nioh 2 will have a Season Pass which will include all three major DLCs. These will be meaty story DLCs that take place before the events of the main game and will reportedly offer hours of additional gameplay. The DLCs will also include new gear and weapons as well. You can get the Digital Deluxe Edition of Nioh 2 for $79.99, which includes the Season Pass.

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