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Fortnite Chapter 2 Roundup: New Map, Fishing, Battle Pass Changes, And More


Here's what to know about the new season of Epic's popular battle royale game.

Following an extended bout of downtime, Chapter 2 of Fortnite has officially begun. Epic's hit battle royale game has returned from the depths of a black hole with a big update that significantly revamps the experience. Not only is there a new map, but new gameplay mechanics--such as swimming, fishing, and weapon upgrading--have also been added. On top of that, there's a slew of new skins and other cosmetic rewards to unlock as part of the new Battle Pass--which is easier to level up in this time around.
In short, a lot has changed in Fortnite Chapter 2, and we're still discovering more tweaks because Epic hasn't released patch notes for the update. To catch you up on everything that's different in this season of Fortnite, we've rounded up all the most important details about Chapter 2 below, from the map changes and new mechanics to Battle Pass adjustments and more.

What Was "The End" Event?

Before Chapter 2 kicked off, Epic closed out Season 10 of Fortnite with a cataclysmic event called "The End." On October 13, the countdown clocks around the island struck zero, and the new rocket the Visitor had built at Dusty Depot launched, precipitating a chain reaction that ultimately created a black hole. The vortex sucked everything--players, the Battle Bus, and even the island itself--up, seemingly deleting the game. If you missed the event live, you can watch a replay of it above.
Following the event, Fortnite experienced an extended blackout. Players were still able to log into the game, but their character would similarly be sucked into the black hole before they were able to jump into a match--although they could play a secret mini-game by inputting the Konami code. The game would remain offline like this for more than 24 hours--the longest Fortnite has ever been down--until Epic rolled out the Chapter 2 update on October 15.

Is This Fortnite Season 11?

Naturally, many assumed that Season 10 of Fortnite would be followed by Season 11, and while a new season is indeed underway, Epic has rebranded it as Chapter 2, Season 1. That said, the usual changes that accompany each seasonal changeover are present and accounted for. There's a new Battle Pass to purchase, and it grants holders access to exclusive challenges to complete and rewards to unlock.


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