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Final Fantasy VII Remake exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for one year

The highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is due out for PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020. Today, developer-publisher Square Enix has shared the official box art for the seminal JRPG and on it, a peculiar note clearly states that the game will be a timed-exclusive on Sony’s console for a period of one year. There are no concrete details about future platforms, but we suspect both PC, Xbox One and probably PS5 and Xbox Scarlett to receive their own versions in March of 2021.

It were the early days of the current-gen of consoles when Square Enix finally fulfilled the wishes of JRPG fans all over the world, by announcing the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Originally released over two decades ago on the mighty PlayStation 1, FFVII put its stamp on the JRPG genre like very few games after it. Gorgeous CG cinematics, orchestral soundtrack and a full 3D game world made it one of the best-selling games on the PS1. Future Final Fantasy titles were built upon the blueprint FFVII but time wasn’t very kind towards it. Rudimentary 3D and slow gameplay relegated it into the hardcore niche.

It’s exactly here where Final Fantasy VII Remake aims to bring the game to the future, by implementing more modern gameplay mechanics while also featuring top-notch presentation. All this work comes at a price though, as the remake will be released episodically throughout several years. Up until now, only the PlayStation 4 version was marketed and even talked about. The age of third-party exclusives is coming to a close with first-party titles even making their way onto new platforms. As such, it was always logical that FFVII Remake would come to other systems sooner or later.
While we still don’t know for sure which platforms these are, now we know when it will happen. According to the newly released box art, Final Fantasy VII Remake will remain a PS4 exclusive until March 3rd, 2021.

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