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Exotic off-road sim SnowRunner comes out April 28th

Focus Home Interactive has shared the release date for the newest entry into their intriguing off-road truck simulator. With SnowRunner, the journey takes players to snow-covered mountains, icy lakes and more. The game is coming out on April 28th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Watch the new trailer here!

There’s something quite unique and fascinating about deliberate and slow simulators who seemingly portray mundane real-world tasks. Ask anyone who has played Euro Truck Simulator and you’ll instantly see a smile on their face, even if it is hard to describe the allure of such games.

Transporting freight to its destination on time has a relaxing aspect to it that cannot be found in many other games. Compared to that, SnowRunner is almost too exotic by taking the gameplay to rather extreme environments. Namely – literally – the harsh cold.
SnowRunner puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful vehicles as you conquer extreme open environments with the most advanced terrain simulation ever. Drive 40 vehicles from brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Freightliner as you leave your mark on an untamed open world.
Overcome mud, torrential waters, snow, and frozen lakes while taking on perilous contracts and missions. Expand and customize your fleet with many upgrades and accessories including an exhaust snorkel for heavy waters or chain tires to battle the snow.
Offering co-op for up to four players, managing dangerous routes gets even more thrilling and every mistake gets punished immediately. The highlight of the MudRunner/Spintires franchise is a great focus on physical realism when it comes to weight distribution, traction and deforming underground.
With SnowRunner, the series that started on the PC makes the controversial jump to the Epic Games Store as yet another EGS exclusive. It’ll be interesting to see whether fans of the series will make the jump together with it.

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