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Destiny 2 Cutscene Featuring Osiris Teases New Season

The next time Destiny 2 players log in, they'll be treated to a brand new cutscene featuring Osiris, one of the main characters of Season of Dawn.

We haven't gotten any details about Destiny 2's next slate of content following the Season of Dawn, its current season, but we know from Bungie's new approach that the story unfolding now will bleed into whatever comes next. A new cutscene provides our first big hint about what's on the horizon when the Season of Dawn ends in March, and it suggests that once we're done with Mercury, we'll be heading back to Mars. Check it out in the video above.
The new cutscene features Osiris, one of the main characters of the Season of Dawn, heading to Mars to visit Rasputin, the giant artificial intelligence known as a Warmind. Rasputin has been a recurring character throughout both Destiny and Destiny 2, and was the primary focus of Destiny 2's Warmind expansion in the game's first year. Though we've interacted with Rasputin quite a bit, we still don't know very much about it. The powerful computer once ran the defense systems of the entire solar system, but in the centuries since The Collapse, Rasputin has become a shadowy figure with an inscrutable agenda. Major Destiny 2 characters, including Vanguard leader Zavala, don't trust the Warmind and worry it could be a threat, rather than an ally.
Osiris's visit suggests there could be something to those fears. Unlike other characters who think Rasputin is an ally to humanity, he calls the machine a "betrayer." That could be a big hint to a theory some players have held about Rasputin for quite a while about the computer's role in the big, apocalyptic events in Destiny 2's past. Check out our rundown of the Osiris and Rasputin cutscene and its lore implications for more.

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